Shrewsbury Test

Shrewsbury Hydro has been set up by Transition Town Shrewsbury to develop a hydro scheme alongside the weir in Shrewsbury. In December 2011, it won £15,000 when it became one of the 4 winners (out of 646 groups who entered) of the national Energyshare competition for renewable energy groups. This allowed a number of environmental studies to be commissioned including a flood risk assessment and reports on fish passage and protected species. Then in 2012, Shrewsbury Hydro received £42,725 from the government’s Local Energy Assessment Fund and this paid for design work by turbine manufacturers and civil engineers to see whether a landscaped scheme to fit in with the local environment was possible. More recently, in March 2014, Shrewsbury Hydro received £19,400 under the government’s Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) for research to see if all the environmental requirements of the scheme could be met at a cost which made the scheme financially feasible.

The results of this work were very encouraging and Shrewsbury Hydro applied for planning permission for an underground turbine hydro scheme and this was granted in June 2015. In August 2015, the Environment Agency granted an Abstraction Licence and Flood Defence Consent and in March 2016, approved the design of the new fish pass proposed as part of the development. In September 2015, an application was made to Ofgem for preliminary accreditation under the feed-in tariff scheme and this has been granted.

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A short video describing the proposed hydro scheme has been produced by pupils of Shrewsbury High School and Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and this can be accessed as Shrewsbury Hydro 2011 on youtube or by clicking on the link below. For any further information, please email us at dave@shrewsburyhydro.co.uk