Shrewsbury Test

In March 2017, Shrewsbury Hydro CIC announced with much regret that the Shrewsbury Hydro project would not be going ahead for the moment.

Planning permission and the environmental permissions for the project were obtained in 2015 and the project was pre-accredited under the government’s feed-in tariff scheme. In 2016, permission was obtained for a new fish pass to replace the existing one. Unfortunately, although agreement in principle was reached to lease the small, three-eighth of an acre of Council land alongside the weir required to build the hydro scheme and the new fish pass, final agreement took much longer than expected.

We have now run out of time to guarantee we can complete the hydro scheme before our deadline of 9th March 2018 when our government feed-in tariff rate for electricity generated by hydropower from the River Severn, more than halves which makes the project no longer viable.

Should the feed-in tariff or some similar scheme to encourage the generation of electricity from renewable sources be re-introduced by the government in the future, the opportunity will come again. A hydroelectric scheme alongside the weir should generate on average between 1.5 and 1.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year and save up to 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions going into the atmosphere each year compared to generating the same amount of electricity from a conventional power station. Building the hydro scheme would also give the Environment Agency a new fish pass which should improve fish migration. For now, things remain as they are.

Shrewsbury Hydro Community Interest Company is very grateful to all those who have helped put the project together and to all those who have given their support.

For further information please email info@shrewsburyhydro.co.uk